Calendar of Events

On this page are events that will be of interest to MTGS members and friends, including events sponsored by MTGS and events sponsored by other organizations.  MTGS presentations which are recorded are accessible in the Members area.


MTGS Meetings and Workshops

  • Saturday, May 20, 2023, 1:00pm Central, in-person at the Tennessee State Library & Archives, 1001 Rep. John Lewis Way N, Nashville, AND online on Zoom
    MTGS Regular Meeting: Diane L. Richard, speaker

    Diane L. Richard, MEng & MBA, Owner/President of Mosaic Research and Project Management, will present a program on postal records and genealogical research.  She will talk about how post offices can inform us about the communities in which our ancestors lived.

    Diane will also present our annual Writer's Award for the best-judged article in our MTGS Journal.

    This meeting is open to the public and we hope that you can join us, either in-person or via Zoom. The Zoom link for this meeting is

  • Saturday, July 15, 2023, 1:00pm Central, Buchanan Log House, 2910 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville
    MTGS Regular Meeting: A Field Trip to Buchanan Log House

    Our July meeting is a field trip to the historic Buchanan Log House in Donelson. We will take a tour of this historic site and learn about researching pioneers in Middle Tennessee.  We also plan to tour the Buchanan Cemetery across the street.

    This meeting is open to the public and we hope that you can join us.
    Note: We do not yet know whether or not this meeting will be available via Zoom.

  • Saturday, September 16, 2023, 1:00pm Central, in-person at the Tennessee State Library & Archives, 1001 Rep. John Lewis Way N, Nashville, AND online on Zoom
    MTGS Regular Meeting: Taneya Koonce, speaker, on using RootsMagic

    Taneya Koonce, MSLS, MPH, is a popular MTGS speaker, and former Board member. This time she will show us how to use the RootsMagic program for your genealogy database.

    This meeting is open to the public and we hope that you can join us, either in-person or via Zoom. The Zoom link for this meeting will be posted here the week of the meeting.

  • Saturday, November 18, 2023, 9:00am Central, in-person at the Tennessee State Library & Archives, 1001 Rep. John Lewis Way N, Nashville, AND online on Zoom
    35th Annual Genealogical Seminar with Dana Leeds

    This year we welcome Dana Leeds, creator of the Leeds Method for DNA-match analysis. The Seminar will be devoted to DNA+genealogy. Lecture topics to be announced.

Other Genealogy and History Events in Middle Tennessee

  • Saturday, July 29, 2023, 9:00am - 4:00pm, Granville, TN Genealogy Festival
    Look for the MTGS table at this fun festival in Historic Granville. There will be family tables, lectures and special events around town.

  • The Nashville Chapter of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society holds meetings and workshops on the 1st Saturday of each month except January, July and September.

Other Local, Regional and Online Events for Friends of Genealogy

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Past MTGS Programs, Workshops and Seminars

Speaker(s) Date Topic
Julia Doyle, TSLA

Emily Farek, TSLA

Graham Perry, Tennessee Historical Commission

J. Mark Lowe, FUGA

Carol Roberts, Bedford County Archivist
34th Genealogical Seminar, November 2022 Preventive Storage and Care of Textile Collections at Home

Care of Paper Collections and Preventive Conservation Basics

Understanding Tennessee Cemetery Law

They Drew a Crooked Line and Formed a Border - The Walker's Line Dispute

Best Practices of Caring for Family Photographs
Melissa Barker, Houston County Archives & Museum September 2022 Genealogy Surprises, Discoveries, and Outright Lies: Sorting out the Facts
Trent Hanner, Reference Librarian, TSLA July 2022 The 1950 Census and Beyond
Allen Forkum May 2022 Ink and Blood:  Nashville's Fighting Editors
Chuck Sherrill, State Librarian and Archivist March 2022 The Future of History
Everyone! January 2022 “Ancestors, Antiques, and Artifacts” (show and tell program)
Tina Beaird November 2021 (virtual) 33rd Annual Genealogical Seminar
  • CSI: Cemetery Search and Investigation
  • Researching Family History at the Library of Congress
  • Mapping Your Migrating Ancestors
  • Scotland’s Resources: There's More to Scottish Research Than Scotland'sPeople!
Taneya Koonce, MLS, MPH September 2021 One-Name and One-Place studies
Chuck Sherrill, Tennessee State Librarian and Archivist July 2021 Introduction to Research at the New Tennessee State Library and Archives
Tennessee State Library and Archives staff May 2021 Tour of the new Tennessee State Library and Archives building
Everyone! January 2021
“Ancestors, Antiques, and Artifacts” (show and tell program)
Elizabeth Shown Mills
Zachary Keith
David Dowell
Chuck Sherrill
November 2020
32nd Annual Genealogical Seminar - Online
  • Samuel Witter vs Samuel Witter: Separating Same Name Soldiers, War of 1812
  • The Patriot Paths Website at TSLA: GIS Mapping of Revolutionary War Veterans
  • If Grandpa Gave No DNA, Can I Find Out Who Did?
  • Winning the Battle for a New Library and Archives
cancelled March, May, July, September 2020  
everyone! January 2020 “Ancestors, Antiques, and Artifacts” (show and tell program)
Dick Eastman November 2019 31st Annual Genealogical Seminar
  • Genealogy Searches on Google
  • The Organized Genealogist
  • Using Online Genealogy Programs
  • Mobile Apps for Genealogy
Paul R. White September 2019 Using Wills and Probates in Genealogy Research
Veronica Sales, TSLA July 2019 Using Church Records in Genealogy Research
Ken Fieth, Metro-Davidson County Archivist May 2019 The Giers Glass Plate Negative Collection at the Metro Archives, 1890-1905
Taneya Koonce, MLS, MPH

Zachary Keith and Sara Baxter

Jim Lewis, Ranger, Stones River National Battlefield
March 2019 Genealogy in the Round:
What's New at FamilySearch?
TSLA's Map Collections
Solders and Sailors Database, and Stones River NB holdings
  January 2019 “Ancestors, Antiques, and Artifacts” (show and tell program)
David Dowell, Martha Gerdeman, Taneya Koonce, Melissa Barker November 2018 30th Annual Genealogical Seminar
  • Knowing How We REALLY Inherit DNA Helps Us Breach Genealogical Brick Walls
  • But They Didn't Own Any Land! What's in Deed Books besides Deeds?
  • Let's Get Digital: Mastering Online Book Repositories and Managing Digital Photos
  • Museums Have Records, Too! Locating Your Ancestors Behind Closed Doors
Albert Bender September 2018 Tracing Native American Ancestry
Carol Roberts and Stewart Southard, TSLA Conversation Dept. August 2018 workshop Conservation of Documents workshop
Ken Fieth, Metro-Davidson County Archivist July 2018 Tour of Nashville Public Library's Nashville Room, Civil Rights Room, and the Metro Archives
Melissa Barker May 2018 Loose Records in an Archive:  What Are They?
Dr. Mark Cheathem March 2018 Andrew Jackson's Kinship Networks
  January 2018 “Ancestors, Antiques, and Heirloom Artifacts” (show and tell program)
Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL November 2017 29th Annual Genealogical Seminar
  • How Old Did He Have to Be?
  • When Worlds Collide: Resolving Conflicts in Genealogical Records
  • Don't Forget the Ladies-A Genealogist's Guide to Women and the Law
  • After the Courthouse Burns: Rekindling Family History through DNA
various MTGS experts September 2017 "Genealogy in the Round" - A Roadshow/Roundtable meeting
  • Computers and Websites
  • Researching Records
  • Beginning Genealogy
  • DNA Testing
Dr. Derek Frisby, PhD July 2017 Middle Tennesseans in the Mexican War and Repatriating those Killed in Action at the 1846 Battle of Monterrey, Mexico
Rick Warwick, Williamson County Historian May 2017
MTGS 30th Anniversary
Notable Books on Williamson County
Carol Roberts, Conservation Manager, Tennessee State Library and Archives March 2017 Caring for and Using Photographs in Family Research
  January 2017 “Ancestors, Antiques, and Heirloom Artifacts” (show and tell program)
Gordon Belt
Chuck Sherrill
Allison Griffey
Jim Long
November 2016 Annual Seminar
  • Stories from the Stacks
  • Moonshiners and Horse Thieves: Ancestors in Tennessee Supreme Court Records
  • Gold Star Records from World War I
  • You Can’t Evade Taxes...At Least Not in Genealogy
Trent Hanner, Senior Research Librarian, Tennessee State Library and Archives September 2016 Finding Your Out-of-State Ancestor at the Tennessee State Library and Archives
Taneya Koonce, MLS, MPH July 2016 Maximizing the Use of Online Collaborative Family Trees for Your Personal Research
Dr. Judith Morgan May 2016 My Name Was Elmwood: Following Clues to Build a Family History - The Berry "Connection" to Multiple Middle Tennessee Counties
Dr. David Dowell March 2016 Can DNA Breach My Brick Wall?
  January 2016 “Ancestors, Antiques, and Heirloom Artifacts” (show and tell program)
Elizabeth Shown Mills,
November 2015 Annual Seminar Strategies and Understanding: Tracking Elusive Ancestors
Gordon T. Belt September 2015 The Melungeons
Paul R. White August 2015 Learning the Legal Avenues of Genealogy
Dorothy Williams Potter July 2015 workshop Tracing Your Ancestor on the Early Southern Frontier
Drew Mahan, Archivist July 2015 Metro Nashville Archives Tour
Allen Forkum, Editor, Nashville Retrospect May 2015 The origins of the Nashville Retrospect and reflections on some of the stories covered thus far.
Trent Hanner, Senior Research Librarian, Tennessee State Library and Archives March 2015 Getting the Most out of On-Line Genealogy Resources
  January 2015 “Ancestors, Antiques, and Heirloom Artifacts” (show and tell program)
Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA November 2014 Annual Seminar Transportation, Education and Government Programs: Records for My Family Story:
- The WPA Era: What It Created for Genealogists
- The Three Rs: Reading, 'Riting and Research in School Records
- Railroad Records and Railroad History: Methods for Tracking
- Controlling Chaos: Organizing your Genealogical Materials
Tennessee Ancestry Library Event September 2014 All-day genealogy event at the Nashville Sheraton, co-hosted by Ancestry and TSLA
J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA August 2014 workshop A Death in the Family (estate records)
Rick Warwick July 2014 Williamson County: The Civil War As Seen Through the Female Experience
Myers Brown May 2014 Loyal Cavaliers: Images of Tennessee's Union Cavalrymen
Joe Spann March 2014 Albion's Seed: A Deeper Understanding of our English Colonial Ancestors
Dr. David Dowell January 2014 Genetic Genealogy
Chuck Sherrill, TSLA State Librarian and Archivist
Darla Brock, TSLA Manuscript Archivist
J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA
Jim Long
November 2013 Annual Seminar "Good News About Old News:  Civil War Newspaper Research in the Digital Age"
"The Taxman came, then changed his mind:  Direct Federal Taxes and the Rebate Ledgers"
"Help Me Please?  Government Claims and Other Unusual Requests"  "Footsteps of the Fourteenth, or Look Everywhere - Then Look Everywhere Else:  A Case Study"
Bob Duncan September 2013 Flatboats to Natchez
J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA August 2013 workshop Spending the Day with Perry Mason, Ben Matlock and Tennessee Court Records
Lynda Massey July 2013 Finding Your Ancestors Through 19th-Century Photography
Monte Arnold May 2013 Telling your story through photographs
Darla Brock March 2013 Genealogical Research in the Union Provost Marshal Records at the Tennessee State Library and Archives
Paul Clements January 2013 Chronicles of the Cumberland Settlements
Rick and Pam (Boyer) Sayre November 2012 Annual Seminar Discovering Our Ancestors:  Maps and Newspapers
Tom Kanon September 2012 Tennesseans and the War of 1812
J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA August 2012 workshop Discovering the Records of Tennessee, Kentucky & Whiskey Stills
Carol Roberts July 2012 Agricultural Records at TSLA
Dr. Wayne Moore May 2012 Looking Back: The Civil War in Tennessee
C. William McKee March 2012 The Nashville City Cemetery: A Resource for Genealogists
  January 2012 Tennessee Authors' Day
Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FNGS, FASG and FUGA
J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA
Charles A. Sherrill
November 2011 Annual Seminar Problem Solving in the Problem-Riddled Carolina Backcountry
Inheritance Laws and Estate Settlements in the Carolinas
The Late Unpleasantness:  Research in Civil War records created after 1865
Jim Taulman September 2011 How to Share Your Work by Self-publishing
J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA August 2011 Workshop Land Platting Workshop
Karel Lea Biggs July 2011 Shortages and Substitutions on the Confederate Home Front
Paul R. White May 2011 Awards and Winners Program
Carol Roberts March 2011 Solving Mysteries using County Records and Loose Case Files
  January 2011 Family History Show and Tell
Elizabeth Shown Mills, CG, CGL, FNGS, FASG and FUGA November 2010  Annual Seminar Working Smarter: Sources & Strategies for Finding Your Family’s Past
J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA September 2010 Farm House, Meeting House, Court House: Breathing Life into Your Family’s Story
Paul R. White August 2010 Workshop Developing Personalities and Finding Obscure Records in Genealogical Research
Gail Jackson Miller July 2010 The Harpe Brothers
George Zepp March 2010 Hidden History of Nashville
  January 2010 Family History Show and Tell
Charles A. Sherrill
J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA
November 2009  Annual Seminar Is Worth It?: Fee and Free Web Sites for Genealogical Research
Here Comes the Bride, and There She Goes
Early River Towns
Mark Strength September 2009 “Bonny Kate,” aka Mrs. John Sevier
J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA May 2009 Awards and Winners program
Irene Griffey, Doug Drake, Jack Masters and Paul Clements March 2009 Pioneer Land Grants, Traces, Roads and Pioneer Stations in the Central Valley of the Cumberland River
  January 2009 Family History Show and Tell
Craig Roberts Scott, CG November 2008  Annual Seminar Searching for Your Military Ancestors
Charles A. Sherrill September 2008 Using Original Court Records: A Hands-On Workshop
Amber Barfield July 2008 Restoration and Preservation of Manuscripts and Documents
George Zepp May 2008 Awards and Winners program; Nashville history
Dan S. Allen March 2008 Cemetery Law and Conservation
  January 2008 Family History Show and Tell
Shirley Wilson, CG
Marie Martin Murphy
J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA
November 2007  Annual Seminar Understanding State and Public Land Records
There’s Gold in Them Thar’ Deed Books
Land Platting Workshop
Christine Young September 2007 Artifacts for Future Generations
Lorna D. Morton August 2007 Workshop Native American and Cherokee Genealogy
Martha Gerdeman July 2007 Non-Population Schedules of the U. S. Federal Census
Walter Durham May 2007 Historical review of the state and current historical activities; MTGS 20th Anniversary celebration
Amber Barfield March 2007 Identifying and Dating Old Photographs
  January 2007 Family History Show and Tell
Dr. John Philip Colletta November 2006  Annual Seminar Finding Your Immigrant Ancestors and Telling Their Stories
Richard Saunders September 2006 Conducting Genealogical Research in West Tennessee & Southwest Kentucky
Charles A. Sherrill July 2006 On Solid Ground: Finding Ancestors in Tennessee Land Records
Bob Duncan May 2006 Flatboating in Tennessee
Dr. Carole Stanford Bucy March 2006 "A Historian Becomes A Genealogist: Putting a Face and Feelings on Facts"
  January 2006 Family History Show and Tell
Dr. Carole Stanford Bucy
Shirley Wilson, CG
Tom Kanon
Charles A. Sherrill
November 2005  Annual Seminar Fitting Your Family History into the Story of Tennessee and the United States
Climbing That Brick Wall
The Draper Papers: Their Historical and Genealogical Value
Advanced Internet Genealogy
Richard Saunders September 2005 Genealogical Research in West Tennessee and Southwestern Kentucky
Linda Bamickel July 2005 Putting Your Ancestors in Context
NGS Conference in the States June 2005  
Marsha Mullin & Elizabeth Kellar May 2005 Hermitage Heritage: Behind the Big House
Bill Sumners March 2005 Southern Baptist Genealogical Resources
  January 2005 Members Show and Tell
Lloyd Bockstruck November 2004  Annual Seminar Genealogical Research in the South
Elizabeth Queener September 2004 Friersons Rediscovered & Reunited: Black & White
J. Mark Lowe July 2004 Kinfolk in Kentucky, Ties in Tennessee
Tom Kanon May 2004 Tennesseans at War, 1812-1815
Julia Otey Lee March 2004 Blacks in Blue and Gray
  January 2004 Members Show and Tell
Hank Jones November 2003  Annual Seminar When The Sources Are Wrong
Tracing the Origins of Early 18th-century German Palatine Emigrants
Family Tradition: How to Separate Fact From Fiction
How Psychic Roots Became An Unsolved Mystery
Kevin W. Matthews September 2003 Finding Your Civil War Ancestors
Walter Durham July 2003 Middle Tenn. Families Reach Out: Goin' West!
Margaret Vaughan May 2003 New Genealogical Treasures at the Linebaugh Library
Tom and Liz Allman March 2003 Family History Centers: Doorway to a World of Data
  January 2003 Genealogical Tales and Treasures, an open forum
Dr. Calvin Dickinson, Shirley Wilson, David S. Ewing, Dr. Bobby L Lovett, Martha Stewart Geyer, Charles Sherrill, Sara J. Harwell November 2002  Annual Seminar 12 great topics!
Dr. Carole Bucy September 2002 Marble Cities & Middle Tennessee Genealogical Gems
Dr. Brian Trainor and
Fintan Mullan
May 2002 Workshop Researching Your Irish and Scots-Irish Ancestors
Fletch Coke March 2002 Davidson County, Tennessee Cemetery Survey Projects
  January 2002 Show and Tell
Shirley Wilson, Martha Geyer, Fran Schell, Chuck Sherrill, J. Mark Lowe, Pat Hastings, Julia Lee, Amber Barfield, Sue Smith November 2001  Annual Seminar Many great topics!
Irene M. Griffey September 2001 Earliest Tennessee Land Records and Earliest Tennessee Land History
Joe White July 2001 Huguenot Ancestry & History
Ken Fieth May 2001 Tour of new Green Hills Archives
T. Vance Little March 2001 Williamson County Genealogist and Historian
Fletch Coke January 2001 Davidson County, Tennessee Cemetery Survey Project
Martha Stewart Geyer, Shirley Wilson, Patricia Gilliam Hastings, Dorothy Williams Potter, Julia Otey Lee, David & Frances Osborn Robb November 2000  Annual Seminar Many great topics!
  January 2000 Show and Tell
  November 1999  Annual Seminar Beginning, Advanced, Enrichment genealogical tracks
Dr. Richard P. Gildrie March 1999 Guerrilla Warfare in the Lower Cumberland, 1862-1865
  January 1999 Show and Tell
Lloyd Bockstruck November 1998  Annual Seminar migration, legal terminology, church records, and “Bridging the Atlantic”
Dr. Edwin S. Gleaves September 1998 The 1998 Summit (local archives development)
Deborah McConnel July 1998 Tracking Tennesseans in World War I
Dr. Wayne C. Moore May 1998 Using State and Business Records in Genealogy
Jane Gray Buchanan March 1998 Adventures of a 20th Century Sleuth on a Meandering Trail to 17th Century England
  January 1998 Show and Tell
Desmond Walls Allen November 1997  Annual Seminar Creative Problem Solving for Genealogists
Carol Roberts September 1997 Preserving Your Family Papers
Frances Robb July 1997 Learning From Old Photographs
Nick Fielder May 1997 An Archaeological View of Cemeteries
MTGS 10th Anniversary Party
Charles A. Sherrill March 1997 Southern Claims Commission, a New Civil War Research Tool
  January 1997 Show and Tell
George K. Schweitzer November 1996  Annual Seminar Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and Civil War Genealogy
  September 1996 Open House at the Nashville Metro Archives
Ron Lee July 1996 Genealogy on the Internet- The Basics
Steve Rogers May 1996 Family Cemeteries: Their Legal Issues and Preservation Threats
NGS Conference in the States May 1996 Traveling Historic Trails
David Sowell March 1996 Sabin Photographic Collection, TSLA
  January 1996 Show and Tell
Marilyn Miller Morton November 1995  Annual Seminar British, Irish, and German Immigration into the East Coast and the South
The Scots-Irish in Pennsylvania and the South
The Indians in Tennessee, North Carolina, and North Georgia
Quakers, Huguenots, Moravians, and Catholics in the South
  September 1995 A Preview of Coming Attractions: 1996 - Nashville
National Genealogical Society Conference in the States
Ken Fieth July 1995 The Metro Archives
Steve Cotham May 1995 Using Knoxville's McClung Historical Collection
Susan Adamson March 1995 Photo Preservation and Display
  January 1995 Show and Tell
Elizabeth Shown Mills November 1994  Annual Seminar Genealogical Problem Solving
Dr. James Johnson September 1994 Shelby County Records and The Memphis Public Library Collection
Ann Alley May 1994 What's New in Archives and Manuscripts at the State Library
Rebecca Bain March 1994 Oral History and Interviewing Techniques
Helen F. M. Leary November 1993  Annual Seminar Genealogical Problem Solving
Shirley B. Wilson September 1993 County Research— Don't Let That Courthouse Intimidate You
Jeanne Ridgway Bigger May 1993 Loose Paper Projects are on Fire in Tennessee
Paul Clements March 1993 An Eccentric Local Historian's Discovery of Genealogy
John Vogt November 1992  Annual Seminar Tips, Tricks and Traps of Virginia Genealogical Research
Dorothy W. Potter September 1992 Regulation of Travel and Settlement Across Early Tennessee
Marylin Bell Hughes July 1992 Recent Additions to the Manuscript Collection
Emma Wisdom May 1992 The Family Reunion--A Step in Genealogy Research
Charles Sherrill March 1992 Tennessee Court Records in Genealogy
Jo White Linn November 1991  Annual Seminar Genealogical Problem Solving
Marylin Bell Hughes
Wayne Moore
August 1991 What Every Genealogist Should Know about the Tennessee State Library and Archives
Land Records and Community History
Tim Burgess
Byron Sistler
May 1991 The History of Burial Markers for Union and Confederate Soldiers
Some Things I Have Learned in 25 Years of Genealogy and Publishing
Pat Hastings,
Gale Bamman
Feb. 1991 Things I Found in the Early Laws While Looking for Something Else,
Early Divorces - - How the Records of Torn Families Help Us Piece Them Together
Lloyd Bockstruck November 1990  Annual Seminar Immigration into Tennessee
Emigration from Tennessee
What's in a Name-Onomatology
Record Keeping in Genealogy
Pat Hastings,
Cleo Hogan
August 1990 Legal Research for Genealogical Purposes,
Legal Terminology for the Genealogist
Shirley Wilson,
Jim Johnson
May 1990 Land Records in the Public Land States,
Genealogical Records in Tennessee
Sheila Riley Feb. 1990 Victorian Cemetery Art
David Lloyd Swift, Mary Glenn Heame, Irene Griffey, Bill Haywood, Don Doyle, James A. Crutchfield, Shirley Wilson, Ed Gleaves, Fletch Coke, Cleo Hogan November 1989  Annual Seminar Many great topics!
Sharon MacPherson August 1989 Reading and Interpreting Old Documents
Irene M. Griffey May 1989 Early Tennessee Land Records - The Military District
Madelon Smith Feb. 1989 Colonel Jack Hays
Shirley Wilson, Byron Sistler, Jean Bigger, T. Vance Little, Don Doyle, Betty Bridgewater, Irene M. Griffey, Louise Lynch, Yolanda Reid, Frank G. Burns November 1988  Annual Seminar Many great topics!
Mary Glenn Hearne August 1988 Genealogical Treasures in The Nashville Room
Virginia Lyle May 1988 Davidson County Records (Metro Archives)
David McClatchey, William Haywood Feb. 1988 Computer Hardware and Software Demonstration
Walter Durham,
Tim Burgess
November 1987 Reluctant Partners -Nashville and the Union
Civil War Research
Marilyn Bell Hughes August 1987 Lesser Known Facts About the Tennessee State Library & Archives