MTGS Projects

On this page are listed present and past projects that MTGS members have undertaken.

Current Projects

MTGS members are participating in the indexing of Tennessee county marriage records through the web site, so that the records can become searchable online.  Using the FamilySearch Indexing software, you can download small 'batches' of images to index, right from the comfort of your own PC.

Learn how you can participate in this project by visiting the Indexing Projects page at FamilySearch.

FamilySearch Indexing also has other groups of records that you can help index.  Take a look and find more projects that interest you!

Past Projects

Family Bible DVD

MTGS began a project in 2006 to digitally photograph family Bible records, or copies thereof, from all counties in Middle Tennessee. We established an outreach program of visiting outlying county archives/libraries to make it easier for people to bring their Bibles to us. An every-name index was prepared for the nearly 250 Bibles listed, and a DVD was created in 2008. 
Click here to open an index of the over 11,400 names contained on the DVD.

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Genealogy Seminars